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Places to Worship and Centres of Faith in Glasgow

Here you will find key contact information and websites for the major faiths practised in the city. Places, times and days of worship, celebrations or festivals can be found via the websites listed.


Buddhist Faith

The Glasgow Buddhist centre can be found in the city centre at 329 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3HW. Details of the centre’s opening hours and information about festivals and upcoming activities can be found at


Christian Faith

Roman Catholic

The Archdiocese of Glasgow is the organisation to contact regarding information about places to worship, addresses for churches and mass times.

In the city centre, the main church is Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, Clyde Street, G1 4JY.

Protestant /Presbyterian

The Church of Scotland is the organisation to contact regarding information about places to worship, addresses for churches and times of services.

In the city centre, the main church is Glasgow Cathedral, Cathedral Precinct, Castle Street, G4 0QZ.

The Scottish Episcopal Church

If you are visiting from England, the Scottish Episcopal Church services may feel more familiar as it is part of the Anglican Communion. 

The Evangelical Church

There is no over-arching organisational body for evangelical churches in Glasgow. 

City centre churches are Glasgow Evangelical Church, 18/20 Cathedral Square, G4 0XA and St George’s Church, 25 Bath Street, G2 1HW.


Hindu Faith

There are three Hindu temples in Glasgow, including The Hindu Temple of Scotland, which is situated just outside the south east city boundary in South Lanarkshire at 6 Hamilton Road, Rutherglen, Glasgow, G73 3DQ.

There are also temples situated in the East and West of the city: Om Hindu Manir, 1 La Belle Place, G3 7LH and Sri Mangala Vinayhar Community Centre, 105 Denmark Street, G22 5EU.


Islamic Faith

For a list of mosques in Glasgow, visit

The only city centre mosque is the Glasgow Central Mosque, 1 Mosque Avenue, G5 9TA. 


Jewish Faith

For a list of synagogues found in Glasgow, visit

The only synagogue in the city centre is Garnethill Synagogue, 129 Hill Street, G3 6UB.


Sikh Faith

Sikh temples are located in both the South and West of the city:

Glasgow Gurdwara, 37 Albert Drive, G41 2PE.

St. Andrews Drive Gurdwara, 32 St. Andrew’s Drive, G41 5SG.

Gurdwara Singh Sabha, 138 Berkley Street, G37 HY.

Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, 27 Otago Street, G12 8JJ.


**This information was updated on October 25, 2018. To get in touch regarding any updates, please contact [email protected]**