Faith Communities - Glasgow

Here's information on the different faith communities in Glasgow for visitors to the city.

Christian Centres of Community


Cathcart Old is one of the oldest Christian Centres of Community in Scotland, going back over 1400 years to their initial establishment as a Christian foothold in the 6th century. More information on Cathcart Old Parish Church and Glasgow the Caring City.

The Scottish Episcopal Church

The Scottish Episcopal Church is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion. It has congregations throughout Scotland and in Glasgow with its Cathedral of St Mary in the West of Glasgow's at 300 Great Western Road, G4 9JB, close to Kelvinbridge subway station. For more information visit For information about all Episcopal congregations see the Scottish Episcopal website.

The Baha'i community of Glasgow

The Baha'i community of Glasgow has been in existence for more than half a century, expanding from just a few Baha'is in the early 1950s to the vibrant, close-knit and welcoming community of today. Baha'is conduct regular organised activities, and also encourage each and every member of the Baha'i community to engage with the followers of all religions in a spirit of friendliness and fellowship.

Scotland's Buddhist Vihara

Scotland's Buddhist Vihara was established in Glasgow in 2002 as the first ever Scottish Theravada Buddhist Temple,  with over 500 hundred people using the temple on daily basis. The head Monk is Venerable Rewatha Thero, appointed as the Chief Monk of Great Britain in 2007 by the Sangha Council of Sri Lanka. For more information on the Vihara in Glasgow, click here.

Glasgow Central Mosque 


Glasgow Central Mosque is the first purpose-built mosque in Glasgow and is Scotland’s largest place of worship for Muslims. It works with other mosques throughout the city to support and represent Muslims from every background. It is visited 5,000 times each week by Muslims who wish to pray, gain knowledge, get married or attend funeral prayers. As one of Glasgow’s most recognised buildings, it also welcomes a large number of visitors throughout the year, including schools, colleges, universities, the media and individuals who wish to learn more about Islam. Glasgow Central Mosque is open for all five daily prayers. During the day, the main prayer hall can be used for reading the Quran and quiet contemplation. It can accommodate 2,500 people, including 500 spaces dedicated to women. For more information, visit

The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church has been part of Glasgow's Christian faith tradition since St Mungo, Glasgow's patron saint, founded the city in the sixth century. Today the Archdiocese of Glasgow is made up of 93 parishes - local communities where people join together in prayer, deepen their spiritual life, grow in understanding and reach out to the weakest and most vulnerable. For more information on the Archdiocese of Glasgow, click here

Glasgow Churches Together

Glasgow Churches Together was formed in 1989 to help the Christian Churches in Glasgow to work together and worship together, with 8 Christian member Churches involved. GCT organises regular events and celebrations of the Christian Faith throughout the year, working with communities and schools from all around Glasgow.

The Glasgow University Interfaith Chaplaincy

The Glasgow University Interfaith Chaplaincy provides spiritual support and facilities for students and staff of all faiths and none. The University has appointed Chaplains/Advisers from the Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Humanist and Hindu faith communities, who are all members of Interfaith Scotland or members of Churches Together in Scotland.

Scottish Sikh Population


The Scottish Sikh population currently stands at around 10-12,000 people, with around 7-8,000 of those based in Glasgow. Having first arrived in Scotland in the early 1900's, the first ever Sikh Gurdwara opened in 1947 and now there are 4 Sikh Gurdwaras which are open to everyone, of all faiths and none, inviting you to share and learn about their wonderful heritage. More information on the Glasgow Gurdwara is available here.

The Hindu Temple of Scotland

The Hindu Temple of Scotland is registered as a Charity organisation under the umbrella of the South Indian Cultural Centre of Scotland, located at 76 Hamilton Road, G73 3DQ. The Temple is a friendly place and keeps its doors open to people from all religions and none. For more information on the Hindu Temple, click here

The Humanist Society Scotland

The Humanist Society Scotland is the national organisation for humanists in Scotland, aiming to promote a secular Scotland through their work in policy, in education and a range of ceremonies. The Humanist Society Scotland (HSS) is part of a UK, European and wider international movement of people and organisations.

Glasgow Jewish Representative Council

Glasgow's Jewish Community has around 40 active organisations including 5 synagogues (orthodox & reform), kosher eating facilities, and a range of social, cultural and educational facilities and events. Visit their website for more information.