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Fairfield Heritage Centre

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  • Address: 1048 Govan Rd, Glasgow, G51 3DU


Fairfield was the greatest of the Glasgow shipyards and has recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. Part of the prestigious former A- listed headquarters building has been transformed into a Heritage Centre telling the remarkable and enduring story of shipbuilding on the Clyde.

Spanning two centuries, from the mid 19th to early 20th, the River Clyde in Glasgow was the undisputed centre of world shipbuilding, producing many of the largest, fastest and most beautiful vessels ever built.

In 1913, on the eve of WW1, an astonishing 20% of global output - 756,976 tons - was launched from its banks, involving around 100,000 people in more than 40 shipyards. In the same year the figure for the whole of Germany was just 645,953.

The story springs from the genius of a small group of Scottish engineers who designed super-efficient marine engines that enabled ships to travel farther and faster than any previously. Requiring less coal and able to carry more passengers, they transformed global sea transportation. The Clyde’s record-breaking Atlantic Greyhounds were effectively the Jumbo Jets of their age.

Enjoy exploring the many exhibits and displays - including a fine selection of ship models depicting Fairfield-built vessels, from the 19th century record-breaking Lahn to the late 20th century rocket-launching Sea Launch Commander.

You can also see Fairfield's story unfold in a stunning 3D presentation that starts in rural Govan in 1860, sweeping forward through time to the present day. 

Entry is free and visit here for information of opening times and tours.