Fairfield Heritage Centre

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  • Address: 1048 Govan Rd, Glasgow, G51 3DU
  • Hours: Mon 1-4, Tue 1-4, Wed 1-4, Thu 1-4, Fri 1-4


During Glasgow's era as the shipbuilding centre of the world, the Fairfield Shipyard in Govan stood as the crown jewel and from its offices, some of the world's finest, largest and most beautiful ships of the era were designed and constructed. After a thorough restoration, today the offices are home to the Heritage Centre housing everything from cloth bunnets and bowler hats to shipyard tools, for visitors to explore Fairfield's rich history through a range of fascinating objects.

Enjoy exploring the many exhibits and displays - including a fine selection of ship models depicting Fairfield-built vessels, from the 19th century record-breaking Lahn to the late 20th century rocket-launching Sea Launch Commander. 

You can also see Fairfield's story unfold in a stunning 3D presentation that starts in rural Govan c1860, sweeping forward through time to the present day. 

Entry is free and group tours can be arranged (please contact Abigail Morris on 0141 445 5866). Follow Fairfield on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest!

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