City Centre Mural Trail

If you're out and about in Glasgow City Centre, then you'll most likely have come across some huge pieces of art adorning some of the city's buildings. Read on and discover where you can find these vibrant splashes of colour, and how they've been brightening up local areas as well as supporting local artists by providing a space for their unique creations. You can explore the urban works of art and learn more about the inspiration behind them on a Street Art Tour led by knowledgeable locals or by taking a self-guided tour with the help of the handy City Centre Mural Trail Map.

The World's Most Economical Taxi

The World's Most Economical Taxi Mural

You'll find this fantastical floating taxi on Mitchell Street adjacent to Glasgow's Buchanan Street, created by artist Rogue-one. Capturing the attention of all who walk past, it's a great piece to start off your trail.

Billy Connolly

Billy Connolly Murals, Glasgow

Created to mark the 75th birthday of the much-loved Glaswegian comedian Billy Connolly in 2017, you'll find three brilliant murals around the city created from original pieces of artwork. Jack Vettriano, John Byrne, and Rachael Maclean were commissioned to portray the 'Big Yin' in their own respective styles and we think you'll agree that the end results are an amazing tribute to one of the greatest comedians of all time!

A Study of a Woman in Black Series

A Study of a Woman in Black Mural

Marvel at three examples of intricate stencil detail with the study of a Woman in Black mural series by Street artist James Klinge (aka “Klingatron”). The first mural can be found at Saltmarket (near The Briggait), the second next to the grand St Andrew's Square and the latest piece near Royal Exchange Square in the city centre.  

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids Mural

Again on Mitchell Street, you'll find this colossal image depicting a girl with a magnifying glass - catch it at the right angle and it looks as if she's plucking people off the street! Created by artist Smug, it's within walking distance of Glasgow Central Station.

St Mungo at High Street

St Mungo Mural

Glasgow street art regular Smug created this mural that can be found on a gable end on High Street. Depicting a modern-day St Mungo and referencing the story of The Bird That Never Flew. Fittingly, the nearby Glasgow Cathedral is the final resting place of Glasgow's patron saint.

St Enoch and Child

Just around the corner from the modern day, St Mungo is the complementary St Enoch and Child. This tender and detailed mural, at the corner of High Street and George Street, is a contemporary interpretation of the city's founding story; St Thenue/Enoch cradling her beloved St Kentigern/Mungo.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The trailblazing architect and designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, is the subject of a second mural at the Clutha Bar. The design by Rogue-one and Art Pistol was commissioned by the new Radisson RED Hotel to mark the 150th anniversary of Mackintosh's birth in 2018. The stunning design depicts the Glaswegian icon and his distinctive art deco and rose motif style. 

Midland Street Portraits

The latest addition to the city centre mural trail is a series of portraits by Klingatron on Midland Street, near Glasgow Central Station. Currently, there are three portraits which have been completed; the first, a self-portrait of the artist himself, and the others are DJs who have performed at or were regular attendees of the former nightclub, The Arches.     

Glasgow's Panda

Did you know Glasgow has its very own Panda? You'll find this piece from artist Klingatron (James Klinge) at Gordon Lane, close to The Lighthouse, which is one of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's most famous buildings in the city.

Fellow Glasgow Residents

Fellow Glasgow Residents Mural

Take a look at the gable end wall overlooking the Ingram Street car park and you'll find all manner of Scottish wildlife coming from the spray can of Smug. You'll need a few photos to capture all of this huge mural!


This cosmic installation by Recoat and Ali Wyllie brings a touch of colour to New Wynd. Wyllie's work is inspired by comic book and graphic design culture, lending to his use of slick, clean lines, colour choice, and geometric backgrounds.

Badminton Mural

Glasgow 2014 Badminton Mural

You can't miss this huge mural of Scottish badminton player Kieran Merrilees in the heart of Merchant City by Guido van Helten. Commissioned to celebrate the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, it now stands as a testament to sporting success.

Crazy Cat Lady

The latest from Rogue-one is a feline-inspired piece at the site of the former Victoria's nightclub on Sauchiehall Street. A number of cats play and nap around their owner's feet, as she knits, whilst sporting a pair of cat slippers.

The Lost Giant

The Lost Giant is part of a series, which Australian artist Stormie Mills has created and installed across various major towns and cities all over the world. The Glasgow 'Lost Giant' is specially decorated with a scarf made from the Glaswegian tartan. The atmospheric character stands over the entrance to Sauchiehall Lane, adjacent to the well-known traditional pub, The Griffin. 

Tiger Style

Glasgow's Tiger Mural

You'll find this fierce tiger facing you on Clyde Street, designed by Glasgow artist James Klinge. As the artist's largest piece to date, it makes for a striking addition to the banks of the River Clyde. With plenty of space around the mural, there's no excuse not to get down there, get the perfect photo and add it to the collection!

The Charing Croc

The Charing Croc Mural

Continuing the theme of wild animals, you'll find another of James Klinge's designs on North Street at Charing Cross. This amazingly detailed crocodile was created using multiple layers of hand-cut stencils, and it's the perfect addition to the urban jungle.

Charing Cross Birds

Right alongside the Charing Cross Croc is Art Pistol and Little Book Transfers continuation of their ‘STALK’ series depicting birds, foliage and fruit together.

The Swimmer

The Swimmer Mural

Another by artist Smug, this mural was one of the first commissioned to celebrate the arrival of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. You'll find this huge mural down at the Kingston Bridge, cleverly placed to greet stopped cars.

The Gallery

The Gallery Mural

Pop down to Argyle Street to see imaginative interpretations of famous paintings by Smug, including Van Gogh's Starry Night, Munch's The Scream, and Da Vinci's Mona Lisa holding a familiar soft drink!

Hand Shadow Puppets

Shadow Hand Puppets Mural

This underpass at Cowcaddens has been brightened up by Rogue-one with his series of hand shadow puppets, presenting his masterful painting in the most unlikely of places.

Are Ye Dancin'?

Are Ye Dancin' is the first mural of artist Conzo Throb to be part of the City Centre Mural Trail. Situated just off Argyle Street, down a lane on your way to Sloan's Bar and Restaurant, this playful addition is one not to miss. 

Strathclyde University Wonderwall

Strathclyde University Mural

Covering more than 1,000 square metres and several stories, Strathclyde University's Wonderwall was commissioned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Royal Charter which conferred the University's status and also the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The Musician

The Musician Mural

Rogue-one and Art Pistol strike again with this fantastic mural of a musician, tucked away in Sauchiehall Lane. Sauchiehall Street is a great place to visit for new music, with plenty of venues hosting regular music nights.

Famous Faces

The Clutha Mural

The Clutha Bar features a fantastic mural on the outside wall, celebrating many of the famous faces that have been associated with the venue. From Alex Harvey, Frank Zappa, and Woody Guthrie to Billy Connolly, Benny Lynch and Stan Laurel, this piece of art highlights the unique people of the city's history. Completed by Rogue-one, EJEK, and Art Pistol, find out the stories behind these famous faces on the Glasgow Music City Tour.

Wind Power

Wind Power Mural

Another imaginative image from Rogue-one and Art Pistol, Wind Power, which can be found on Mitchell Street, was originally conceived as a live installation as part of  Doors Open Day 2014.  The mural celebrates the diversity of sustainable energy production within the Glasgow area and throughout Scotland.


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Article last updated: August, 2019