Mammy Goose

Mammy Goose

It's another rip-rollicking panto from Tron Theatre. 

Mammy Goose’s life is a mess. Her dreams of glittering Holyrood parties hob-knobbing with the Scottish elite like The Krankies and Sean Batty have gone down the pan. Her life is less Debbie McGhee more McGhee's the Bakers.  She’s working her fingers to the bone in that wee cafe of hers with her only friend in the world is Lucy - a talking Goose.

A mysterious stranger makes her an offer - the chance to be young again. The chance to start over.  And all she has to do is trade in her pet goose…

Written by, directed and performed by Johnny McKnight, this hilarious Glasgow take on a panto classic is sure to have the audience in stitches. 

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  • 6 Jan 2019
  • Ticket Prices: £9.00 to £23.00
  • Tron Theatre
    63 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5HB,-4.2460464&q=Tron+Theatre
  • Venue: Tron Theatre
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