Julia Sutherland - Exposed

Julia Sutherland - Exposed

Star of BBC Radio 4 and Radio Scotland, Julia has interviewed dozens of top comedians, digging deep into their psyches and asking them to share intimate and personal details from their lives. Now, in this hilarious and unique stand-up show, she faces her toughest subject yet – herself! As she discovers, there's nothing more important than having the passion to follow your dreams, as well as the true Scottish attitude that "giving up isnae that bad either, so long as you're happy." 'VERY FUNNY... AN ASTUTE OUTSIDER-OBSERVER' Scotsman 'NOBODY WORKS THROUGH THEIR ‘ISSUES' SO HILARIOUSLY' List Part of the Whyte & Mackay Glasgow International Comedy Festival (14-31st March) Duration: 60minutes | Show ends: 8pm approx.| Age Guidance: 18+ | Bar: From when doors open and after the show | Food Service: Weekend toasties and bar snacks available View the The Stand Comedy Club's full Whyte & Mackay Glasgow International Comedy Festival below: Date Event Show start Thursday 14 March 2019 Ed Gamble: Blizzard 7.30pm Thursday 14 March 2019 Mark Nelson: Brexit Wounds 9.30pm Friday 15 March 2019 Mark Nelson: Brexit Wounds 8.30pm Friday 15 March 2019 Darren Connell - Abandon All Hope 10.30pm Saturday 16 March 2019 Billy Kirkwood, John Gavin and Jamie Dalgleish: Dad Club 3pm Saturday 16 March 2019 Gareth Waugh - Oh Boy...! 5pm Saturday 16 March 2019 Justin Moorhouse - Northern Joker 7.30pm Saturday 16 March 2019 The Festival Club 10.30pm Sunday 17 March 2019 Keith Farnan Presents... KIDOCRACY 3pm Sunday 17 March 2019 Bob Doolally - Live and Half-Cut 7pm Sunday 17 March 2019 St Patrick's Day Irish Comedy Special! 9pm Monday 18 March 2019 Paul Sinha: The Two Ages of Man 7pm Monday 18 March 2019 Bright Club: Fascinating Facts and Where To Find Them 8.30pm Tuesday 19 March 2019 Andy Zaltzman: The Bugle Live 7pm Tuesday 19 March 2019 The Best of Red Raw 9pm Wednesday 20 March 2019 Carmen Lynch - Awkwardly Hot 7.30pm Wednesday 20 March 2019 Simon Munnery: The Wreath 9.30pm Thursday 21 March 2019 Jamie MacDonald - Designated Driver 9.30pm Friday 22 March 2019 Susie McCabe's Great Expectations 8pm Friday 22 March 2019 Ashley Storrie - Hysterical 10.30pm Saturday 23 March 2019 Gary Dunn Presents... Monkey Business! 3pm Saturday 23 March 2019 Andrew Maxwell - Showtime 7.30pm Saturday 23 March 2019 Susie McCabe's Great Expectations 9.30pm Sunday 24 March 2019 Gary Dunn Presents... Monkey Business! 3pm Sunday 24 March 2019 Chris Forbes - Prophecy 7.30pm Sunday 24 March 2019 Vladimir McTavish - 25 Years of Stand-Up 9pm Monday 25 March 2019 Jamie Dalgleish - From Buckfast to Middle Class 7.30pm Monday 25 March 2019 John Robertson's Sweaty Sexy Party Party 9.30pm Tuesday 26 March 2019 Julia Sutherland - Exposed 7pm Tuesday 26 March 2019 The Best of Red Raw 9pm Wednesday 27 March 2019 Marc Jennings : Getting Going 7pm Wednesday 27 March 2019 Damian Clark 9pm Thursday 28 March 2019 David Kay - Live 2019 7.30pm Thursday 28 March 2019 Al Murray - Landlord of Hope And Glory Tour 2019 9.30pm Friday 29 March 2019 Terry Alderton - Bi-Polar Guy 8.30pm Friday 29 March 2019 Raymond Mearns - Confessions of A Control Freak! 10.30pm Saturday 30 March 2019 Mr Fibbers - Out Of Tune - Musical Comedy for Kids 3pm Saturday 30 March 2019 Christopher Macarthur-Boyd: Home Sweet Home 5pm Saturday 30 March 2019 America Stands Up 7.30pm Saturday 30 March 2019 The Festival Club 10.30pm Sunday 31 March 2019 Zoe's Kids Show 3pm Sunday 31 March 2019 Michelle McManus - Pop Goes the Idol 7pm Sunday 31 March 2019 Neil Delamere 9pm Ticket Purchase Terms and Conditions

  • 26 Mar 2019
  • The Stand
    333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3 6NG
  • Venue: The Stand
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