Top film and TV locations to visit in Glasgow

From Hollywood films to hit TV shows, Glasgow has doubled as New York, London and Stockholm in the past couple of years, as it has played host to major screen productions.

You might have seen Glasgow on the big screen or you may have spotted a Hollywood star, yellow cabs or extras dressed as historical characters whilst visiting, as the city continues to inspire global filmmakers and tourists alike!  Much of the popularity for filming in the city is due to Glasgow's incredible range of historic and contemporary architecture and unique grid street system, which allows the city to masquerade as many different eras and many different cities.

So check out just some of Glasgow's top filming locations below to find the perfect spot for a photo-opp - whether an elegant street, historical attraction or trendy restaurant - to replicate one of your on-screen favourite scenes.

Outlander (Glasgow Cathedral)

Glasgow Cathedral 995

The hugely popular TV show, Outlander, has made stars of its cast members, as well as of Scotland’s scenery and castles. And Glasgow has provided the backdrop for many of the fantasy-romance show’s memorable scenes.  In series 2, the medieval Glasgow Cathedral doubled as a 1740s Parisian, ecclesiastical hospital - L'Hôpital des Anges. Other city locations used include, Kelvingrove Park, which doubled for Boston Park, the University of Glasgow, which doubled for Harvard University, and John Street at the City Chambers, where Claire and Frank got engaged.

“My favorite location was Glasgow Cathedral, where we shot scenes for ‘Faith.’ I admired it every time we drove past it in season one, and was thrilled when we finally were able to have it as a location. Gary Steele did a beautiful job of turning the church into our Hôpital des Anges, and you can really feel the ghosts in that building, which was built in the 12th century. Glasgow is a stunning city and the people there were so kind to us. I felt a real magic in those streets. 

Toni Graphia – Executive Producer & Writer


Outlaw King (University of Glasgow)

Outlaw King, starring Hollywood’s Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce, used a number of Glasgow locations for the filming of this epic 14th Century tale. The iconic Cloisters at the University of Glasgow, which dates back to 1451, were transformed into a grand banquet hall for a medieval feast for the 2018 Netflix original.

This is not the first time that the gothic-revival architecture of the university has influenced popular culture - it was said to be the inspiration behind Hogwarts, and was used for filming for Outlander and Cloud Atlas.

Outlaw King also filmed at Glasgow Cathedral, which doubled as Greyfriars Church, and at a purpose built set in Mugdock Country Park, north of the city. 

The Wife (Hutchesons' Hall)

The Wife brought Hollywood royalty to Glasgow, as Glenn Close, in an Oscar nominated role (2019), was joined by Christian Slater, as they filmed at various spots. One of the main sites was at Hutchesons' Hall, an elegant building in the fashionable Ingram Street.

Hutchesons Article Credit Required Hutchesons City Grill 995Image Credit: Hutchesons City Grill

Built in the early 19th Century, the former hospital and now trendy Hutchesons City Grill doubled as both a Stockholm restaurant and a grand hotel lobby.

The film, which sees Glenn Close’s character explore her relationship and past, also filmed at Barrowland Ballroom, Malmaison, Bothwell Street, Pollok House, Flemington House and The Royal Faculty of Procurators. Also, the stars were spotted city sightseeing, with Christian Slater taking in the Riverside Museum and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, which he shared with his Instagram fans!


Patrick Melrose (Cochrane Street)

Cochrane Street no article edit required

Much lauded British actor Benedict Cumberbatch was seen running down a number of Glasgow city centre streets, whilst filming Sky Atlantic drama, Patrick Melrose, which aired in 2018.  Film crews took advantage of Glasgow’s grid system and well preserved Victorian architecture at the likes of Cochrane Street, Bothwell Street and St Vincent Street to replicate New York City in the 1980s. In one scene, the Sherlock star dines alone in Glasgow’s oldest restaurant, Rogano, which is instantly recognisable from its distinct art deco style, which was modelled on the Queen Mary Liner being built on the Clyde at the same time. Also featured in the series is the famous Barras Market, which doubled for New York’s meat-packing district.

World War Z (George Square)

George Square no article credit required 995

2013 was a blockbuster year for film releases featuring Glasgow and none was bigger than World War Z.  The Brad Pitt zombie apocalypse movie quite literally landed in the centre of Glasgow, as the city doubled as Philadelphia. Street signs were change and yellow cabs were imported as one of the film’s most exciting set pieces – the outbreak of the virus –  took place on George Square and Cochrane Street.

Cochrane StreetImage Credit: Urban Glasgow

The Victorian architecture and magnificent beauty of George Square’s buildings – most notably the City Chambers – has resulted in this becoming the city’s most filmed location. The City Chambers has doubled as not one but two world renowned buildings – the Kremlin for the tense BBC spy drama An Englishman Abroad and the Vatican in Scottish comedy Heavenly Pursuits. Two BBC productions, which both aired in 2016 - The Secret Agent, starring Toby Jones, and Rillington Place, starring Tim Roth - both took advantage of the magnificient architecture of the City Chambers and its marble staircase, which is the largest in Western Europe. 

Fast & Furious 6 / Hobbs & Shaw (Financial District and Merchant City) 

The Fast & Furious series first filmed in Glasgow in 2012 for the sixth instalment of their hugely popular franchise, with the city's financial district and Broomielaw area used as the location of filming for a number of high octane car chases. The movie franchise returned last year for the spin-off Hobbs & Shaw (due for release August 2019), bringing superstar Idris Elba to the city. This time, the cars and motorbikes zoomed through the streets of the city centre and Merchant City, as Glasgow doubled as London. 

The Cry (Sixty Steps)

The Cry 995 Radio TimesImage Credit: Radio Times

The gripping BBC drama, which aired in autumn 2018, was filmed on both sides of the globe in two cultural cities, Glasgow and Melbourne. The thriller, starring Jenna Coleman, as a new mother whose baby goes missing, included filming locations Argyle Street, Gallery of Modern Art, Pollok Country Park and Kelvinside Terrace West. A true Glasgow hidden gem featured was the Sixty Steps - a sweeping stone staircase, which connects two exclusive streets in the city's west and which was designed by one of the great Glaswegian architects, Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson.

There’s a youthfulness about it – there’s a great atmosphere and a lot happening culturally. It’s a fantastic city. If you haven’t visited, you should.” 

Producer Brian Kaczynski 

The Replacement (Commonwealth House)

Commonwealth House 995Image Credit: City Property

The Replacement, which was filmed exclusively in the city, followed an architect (Morven Christie) going on maternity leave, who fears with increasingly justified paranoia, that her supply cover (Vicky McClure) is taking over her life. The BBC drama, which aired in 2017, based their fictional architectural firm in Commonwealth House on Albion Street. Many of the main characters' homes showcased the incredible range of architectural styles and residences within the city – from the modernly restored quirky The Mews, in Partickhill, to the traditional Victorian mansion in Dennistoun, to a vast private home in Pollokshields, which took centre-stage as the modern library that the architects in the show were working on.

Cloud Atlas (Corner of George Street at Montrose Street)

cloud atlas glasgowonfilmdotcomImage Credit: glasgowonfilmdotcom

In 2011, a number of Glasgow’s steep streets were utilised by the Wachowski Brother’s whilst filming Cloud Atlas to replicate 1970s San Francisco, with the Golden Gate Bridge superimposed in the background for authenticity. It’s at the junction of George Street at Montrose Street that Halle Berry’s character attempts to evade capture from an enemy targeting her in this thrilling time traveling tale. Other locations used include, Douglas Street (between St Vincent Street and Bothwell Street), Anchor Lane, a private residence in Pollokshields and the University of Glasgow.

Under the Skin (Trongate)

under the skin glasgow httpsglasgowlivingImage Credit: Glasgow Living

The arthouse alien film Under the Skin is set in Scotland with large sections shot in Glasgow. In an effective filming technique, Director Jonathan Glazer used hidden cameras to capture unsuspecting Glaswegians’ reactions to the main character’s (Scarlett Johansson) actions, including attempts to persuade people to get into a transit van (Celtic Football Club), walking through a busy shopping centre (Buchanan Galleries) and stumbling to the ground (Trongate).


And there's so much more to come! Look out for Glasgow on the big screen this year as a number of major productions are due for release, including Wild Rose (April 2019), Beats (April 2019) and Hobbs & Shaw (August 2019).

Find out more about Glasgow's cultural offering and about the city's amazing architectural range.