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Glasgow Necropolis

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  • Address: 70 Cathedral Square, Glasgow G4 0UZ

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A favourite attraction for visitors from the UK and overseas, The Necropolis has been described as a 'unique representation of Victorian Glasgow, built when Glasgow was the second city of the empire’.  It remains one of the most significant cemeteries in Europe, exceptional in its contribution to the townscape, its symbolic relationship to Glasgow Cathedral and to the medieval heart of the City.

Guided tours are available from Friends of the Necropolis, who organise tours of the 37 acre cemetery covering the wonderful architecture by famous  Glaswegian architects including Alexander 'Greek' Thomson, Bryce, Hamilton and Mackintosh.

The top of The Necropolis also offers stunning views of the city, where you can marvel at the old and new architecture and see just why Glasgow is called the Dear Green Place.