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Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

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  • Address: Argyle St, Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Hours: Mon 1000-1700, Tue 1000-1700, Wed 1000-1700, Thu 1000-1700, Fri 1100-1700, Sat 1000-1700, Sun 1100-1700


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is one of Scotland's most popular free attractions. With 22 themed, state-of-the-art galleries displaying an astonishing 8,000 objects, there's so much to explore and the museum is a brilliant place to easily wile away several hours, if not longer!

This architectural masterpiece opened its doors in 1901 and many spend as much time appreciating the building as they do on one of Europe's great art collections. Here you’ll find Rembrandts alongside Renoirs, alongside antique armour and Ancient Egypt. Don't miss the Charles Rennie Mackintosh display too for a closer look at the work of one of Glasgow's most celebrated architects and designers. The museum’s also a great free day out for families with its own cafe and gift shop inside. 

One of Kelvingrove’s best-loved paintings is Salvador Dali’s iconic Christ of St John of the Cross, painted in 1951. It was purchased in 1952 by the then Director of Museums, Dr Tom Honeyman, for the controversial sum of £8,200. More than 60 years since its original purchase, the enduring appeal of the painting shows no signs of abating.

For more venue information, please visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum website.

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