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Glasgow Museums Resource Centre

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  • Address: 200 Woodhead Road South Nitshill Industrial Estate


“Like rummaging in your granny's attic or walking into Narnia” was how one visitor recently described the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre. Most museums can only display a tiny proportion of their collection.   Glasgow has one of the finest collections in Europe but only 2% of its vast treasures can be displayed at any one time. This vast building is where the rest is stored. It’s a treasure trove of fascinating objects, from animals to armour, fine art to fossils, and much more. The 17 purpose-built and environmentally controlled storage ‘pods’ house around 1.4 million objects. The main collections are Archaeology, Art and Painting, Arms and Armour, Natural History, Transport and Technology, and World Cultures. Glasgow Museums Resource Centre offer a wide range of tours and activities for all ages, including school visits and events for families with children. It’s free but all visits must be booked in advance.