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Gallery of Modern Art

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  • Address: Royal Exchange Square
  • Hours: Mon 1000-1700, Tue 1000-1700, Wed 1000-1700, Thu 1000-2000, Fri 1100-1700, Sat 1000-1700, Sun 1100-1700

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The Gallery of Modern Art is the most visited modern art gallery in Scotland. Housed in a neo-classical former townhouse of a wealthy Glasgow tobacco merchant, in the heart of the city’s shopping district. For over 100 years the building was a centre for business and commercial exchange where information and goods were traded, and GoMA continues that philosophy of exchange by being a centre for people to gather, discuss and learn, inspired by the art it collects and shows.

GoMA collects and borrows work that highlights the interests, influences and working methods which artists from around the world share with those from Glasgow.

The Library at GoMA houses a café and an extensive collection of art and design books, alongside its general books for loan and entry to the museum is free.

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