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Scotland Street School

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  • Address: 225 Scotland Street


Scotland Street School is an exceptionally popular Mackintosh attraction for old and young alike - and it’s free! Designed between 1903 and 1906, it was Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s last major commission in Glasgow and displays the mature architect’s genius to perfection. Stand and marvel at the impressive leaded glass towers, the magnificent tiled drill hall, the carved stonework and his mastery of the interplay of light and space.  

A functioning school until 1979, it now offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into education in Glasgow in the past. Reconstructed classrooms tell the story of what school days were like in the reign of Queen Victoria, right through to the 1960s.  You can even try your hand at your times tables or dress up as a pupil from the past!

Mackintosh designed the school around a corridor system, allowing the rear, south facing, wall to be a bank of windows, letting maximum sunlight and solar heat into the classrooms. He included the standard school requirements of the time: separate playgrounds, outside toilets, entrances and staircases for up to 1250 girls, boys and infants, a cookery room, a drill hall and electric lighting. You can see his designs for the building and learn more about his quarrels with the School Board of Glasgow in the Mackintosh room.