Student Accommodation


Going to college and university often means that you will be living away from home for the first time. You'll need to find somewhere to stay where you'll feel settled, comfortable and safe.

All the Glasgow colleges and universities can help with finding accommodation and all of them have their own student accommodation on campus, and students from outside Glasgow usually get priority.  There will be an accommodation office at your chosen institution and you should contact them when the time comes to start looking at accommodation options.  Prices will vary depending on the type and age of the residence you choose but standards are generally high and prices are often subsidised so you may pay a bit less than in the private sector.  Most accommodation is self-catered which means that you cook for yourself in a kitchen shared with a small number of other students. 

Halls of residence are a great option where you'll get to know lots of people very quickly giving you the opportunity to make lifelong friendships and find out more about yourself at the same time.  All residences offer an independent lifestyle where you retain your privacy but still have the company of others if you wish. There are opportunities to join in social events, ranging from traditional Scottish celebrations to international events which reflect the cosmopolitan flavour of the residences.  Undergraduate and postgraduate students usually live separately and so do men and women.


If you’re not interested in living in university accommodation then there are lots of other options in Glasgow, both in the privately rented sector and also in student accommodation that is not connected to any particular institution.  A quick look on the web will reveal the large number of privately-operated student residences in the city – there is a lot of choice.  The good thing about this type of accommodation is that you will be mixing with students from across the city and not just from your own institution.

Another option is the privately-rented sector.  There are a large number of property agencies (office-based and on-line) in Glasgow that can help you in your accommodation search, and Accommodation offices at the Glasgow colleges and universities usually have lists of flats to rent in the private sector.  This is a great option if you’re a group of friends who want to live together.  Glasgow has a great range of accommodation both in the city centre and in the different areas of Glasgow – see our section on neighbourhoods and districts.  Don’t agree to rent anything until you’ve seen the accommodation in person however and don’t sign the contract until you’re sure you like it as accommodation contracts can be difficult to get out if you change your mind.   

Some students may want to stay with families on a home-stay arrangement and this can be a good option for younger students or students who are here for shorter periods of time.  It’s also great if you’re looking for a completely English-speaking family environment to help develop your language skills.  Accommodation offices will have information on home-stay options.

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city and there is no shortage of accommodation, so you will definitely be able to find the option that suits you best.  

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