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Dynamic Meladies, singing for women aged 25 plus in Glasgow

The Unitarian Church, Glasgow

Dynamic Meladies has grown out of our love of music and the joy of singing and sharing songs with others. We'd like to invite women aged 25+ to join our flourishing group at our regular singing classes. We run monthly Workshops where you can learn to improve your singing voice and performance skills in a fun and friendly environment. In between you will be able to put what you have learned into practice at our weekly Sessions where we work on songs in a wide range of styles. Suggestions for new songs are always welcome. Our aim is to help you to enjoy singing even more by getting the best out of your voice, whilst also making new friends. We'd love to hear from and you and hopefully see you at a Workshop or Session soon! on our Facebook page at: or contact us at: [email protected] or phone: 07714 459 243

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