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George Mewes

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  • Address: 106 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8TB, United Kingdom
  • Hours: Mon 0900-1800, Tue 0900-1800, Wed 0900-1800, Thu 0900-1800, Fri 0900-1800, Sat 0900-1800, Sun 1000-1700

While in the West End of Glasgow no cheese lover should leave without a visit to Geroge Mewes cheesemonger, who specialise in unusual cheeses that you wont find in your local supermarket. 

With over quarter of a century working as a chef around the world, George Mewes is a man who knows his cheese. He’s now an expert in artisan cheese and as such it’s no surprise that his name now prefixes many a cheese board at the city’s finest establishments. His shop on Byres Road stocks over 80 different cheeses, thoroughly categorised by nationality, animal and suggested accompaniments.

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