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Discovering Torino

Discovering Torino: one city, many souls

Discovering Torino: one city, many souls

The City of Torino is delighted to showcase itself to our Scottish friends with a photographic exhibition specially designed to celebrate the twinning with the city of Glasgow. Signed in 2003, our partnership aims to foster exchanges of experience in the field of urban regeneration, art and culture.

For our young people, there have been many opportunities for mutual training in dance and sport which have been developed over the years and created new and exciting collaborations for our youth.

The Torino Historical Archive has given permission for the images of this exhibition of our cultural, artistic and innovation areas. We want you to discover the soul of Torino, its landscape and our excellent museums, the street art, the vitality of the Case del Quartiere - Neighbourhood Houses as well as our famous, traditional Piedmontese food and wine.

Torino, like Glasgow, is a city that has turned its historical industrial identity into a vibrant, contemporary city, focusing on tourism, higher education and business sectors.

The driving force behind this development has been the urban transformation of the last twenty years: 10 million square metres of the city areas have been transformed and have attracted assets, activities, business and created new jobs.

Building on its territorial know-how and industrial past, the Piedmontese capital is investing in knowledge and technology, to become an open laboratory of groundbreaking innovation able to attract companies and skills to guide and drive the development of the "City of the future” through shared projects like Torino City Lab which is supported by a strong stakeholder partnership on several levels. Visit to find out more.

Discover Torino with us!

Photography exhibition

Po River in Torino with the city and greenery on either side.
Inside the Mole National Cinema Museum.
Piazza Castello, an aerial shot of grand city square at dusk in Torino.
The Royal Palace in Torino, a grand light coloured building with water fountains in front.
Royal Gardens in Torino with a grand building, grassed area and water fountain.
Palazzo Madama in Torino, a grand stone building with blue skies.
The interior of Regio Opera Theatre in Torino, with an audience enjoying a performance.
Egyptian statues inside the Egyptian Museum in Torino.
Palazzo Carignano in Torino, a grand building with lampposts and a statue in front.
The interior of Carignano Theatre in Torino. The venue is empty and there is a statue on the right hand side.
Piazza Vittorio Veneto in Torino, a grand square with buildings all around.
Valentino Castle in Torino with blue skies, green grass and flower beds.
Valentino Park and Po River in Torino, with cyclists and walkers enjoying the outdoors.
Palatine Gate in Torino with a cyclist and people walking towards it.
Aerial view of Beyond Walls Saype in Torino.
The interior of Luigi Einaudi Campus in Torino, with people congregated on the main concourse. There are two white staircases leading to upper floors.
Sculptures outside the Torino Olympic Stadium area.
Merz Fountain in Torino at night with red and white lights.
An exhibition inside the National Automobile Museum.
Street art at Dora Park in Torino.
Millo via Tollegno, a mural on the side of a building in Torino. It shows a busy city in black and white paint.
Cascina Roccafranca in Torino. There are lots of people enjoying a musical performance.
Casa del Quartiere San Salvario in Torino. There are lots of people enjoying a performance.
Two drinks and a candle on a marble table with people in the background.

To find out more about the City of Torino, visit

Image credits: The Photographic Archive of the City of Torino, Historical Archive of the City of Torino, Roberto Cortese, Gianluca Platania, Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Locale di San Salvario ONLUS, Bagni Pubblici di via Agliè.

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