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An outdoor stage at dusk with blue and purple lights. A crowd, arms raised, face the stage.
The 2 members of LF System lean forward and stare down the camera. The backdrop is a hazy yellow/green.

LF System

Why I love Glasgow's music scene: LF System

June 02, 2023

Scottish DJ and production duo Conor Larkman and Sean Finnigan are LF System. The rising act exploded onto the scene in 2022 with their track Afraid to Feel. Ahead of their appearance at TRNSMT this July, the duo answer questions on why Glasgow is a top city for music lovers.

1. What makes going to a gig in Glasgow so special?

From behind, a crowd at an outdoor gig raise their arms towards the stage. Some of the crowd sit on top of others' shoulders.

Credit: VS / Luigi Di Pasquale

For us, it's got to be playing in front of your home crowd. The parties are always mental and it has a really special atmosphere. Everyone wants to have a good time, people are always right up for it and that suits us perfectly. Plus all your friends and family come along. The guestlist requests aren't so fun though haha!

2. Tell us about a music moment that sums up your experience of the city?

At one of our SWG3 shows, my wee mother (Conor) was supposedly going home about 11.30/midnight after a “few songs because she’s old”. We’re playing our last song which was Live Forever by Oasis and it’s 3am. Turn around and she’s hanging on my pals shoulders singing at the top of her lungs just like everyone else.

3. Why do so many talented musicians come out of Glasgow?

The 2 members of LF System lean forward and stare down the camera. The backdrop is a hazy yellow/green.

Credit: Studio Alex Plex

As well as having a really diverse music scene, folk give it an all or nothing attitude without caring what anyone thinks. In Scotland people like to see people doing well for themselves so they support you as much as they can and hope you go out and achieve it. We like to think anyway.

4. What's your favourite Glasgow venue?

Red sign against a brick wall reading 'Sub Club Est 1987'.
Looking up on a brick building at night-time with a neon sign that reads SWG3.

To go as a punter it’s got to be the Sub Club. The club and artists who have played there inspired a lot of our musical tastes - hopefully one day we will play there too! Our favourite venue we’ve ever played has to be SWG3, where we’ve had some of our best nights and we can't wait to go back.

5. When travelling the world, how do you describe Glasgow and the city's music scene?

Everybody likes to have a crack at it themselves to be honest. After you’ve explained you’re not Irish that's when they click on. We’re mostly met with people telling us about mad people who like to drink and have a lot of cold rainy weather. That’s as creative as they usually get, which in fairness, is not a million miles away.

6. What would you recommend to first-time visitors to the city?

If you’re a music head go check out Rubadub. Ashton Lane is good for some food and a couple of drinks too.

LF System will perform at TRNSMT on Saturday, July 8 on the same day as Mimi Webb, Kasabian, Sam Fender and many more. Day and weekend tickets are available to buy at
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