My Glasgow Part 2

Following on from the first "My Glasgow" feature here are some more insights into Glasgow from people who call the city home.  

Discover their 'must do's' in the city and what they feel makes it unique.  



08 Dec 2014
4 minute read

Fi Douglas

Founder of textile design company, Bluebellgray


Photo credit: Lenny Warren

About Fi:

Glasgow School of Art graduate Fi Douglas set up Bluebellgray in 2009 with a clear vision in mind – to create feel-good design.  Bluebellgray is now stocked in the best design boutiques and department stores throughout the world. 

What makes Glasgow unique?

The people. There’s such a sense of openness in Glasgow and I really love that – the people are friendly, have a sense of humor and are usually positive and happy which is rare in a city with such changeable weather! I think the fact we have free entry to all our museums also makes Glasgow unique and is a pretty special thing for a city to do. I love that it is something that benefits locals and tourists alike.

What are the must do’s for a new visitor to the city?

We’re so lucky that our studio is so close to Glasgow University and The Kelvingrove Art Gallery – an incredible building full of wonderful art pieces and history and it’s free!

The Ox and Finch is really close to our studio and does the most beautiful fresh and healthy food, it is all tapas style so it is really sociable and the décor is relaxed and lovely.

Cottonrake Bakery in the West End is a weekend must, baking as good as any I have tasted in Paris, the sourdough bread is incredible!

For shopping there is the sweetest toy store called ‘Sentry Box Toys’ just off Byres Road in the West End, I have bought lots of things for my little boy from this store, it is like a trip down memory lane and is full of the type of toys I remember from my own childhood and lovely things for children to make and help them be creative.

What is the city’s best-kept secret?

The Antiques Centre by the Clydeside and the Architectural Salvage Yard are two great hidden gems really worth exploring to pick up some great finds- Glasgow has such amazing architecture so there is a good chance of finding something fantastic.

If Glasgow was a song what would it be?

‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams



Evan Gray

Designer and Photographer at RHA


About Evan:

Evan Gray is the Graphic Designer and Photographer at specialist Glasgow audio company RHA who design and engineer headphones, which are sold via Apple and all over the world. 

What makes Glasgow unique?

For me it has to be the thriving counter-culture and creative scene. Other cities have this to a degree, but nowhere is it as rich as in Glasgow. I was born in Sheffield but Glasgow has been home for over ten years. I studied Architecture at The Glasgow School of Art before doing my Masters in Graphic Design.

What are the must do’s for a new visitor to the city?

On a sunny day Kelvingrove Park, where so many different types of people come together to enjoy the good weather. For the other 364 days (!), I would recommend taking refuge in one of the many great bars and restaurants. Mono, a vegan café-bar and music venue in the city centre and the specialty tearoom Tchai Ovna, tucked away in the West End’s Otago Lane are especially good fun.

What is the city’s best-kept secret?

The canal side in Possil and Maryhill is a hidden gem. I bike along this path from my home close to the West End’s Botanic Gardens to Maryhill. It's a peaceful, twenty-minute journey with lovely views to kick start my workday.

If Glasgow was a song what would it be?

So many to choose from, but I would go for Belle and Sebastian: Judy and the Dream of Horses. It’s quiet and reflective to begin with, but becomes increasingly upbeat and energetic as the song progresses.



Bob Zablock and Paula Marshall

Owners of the Chocolate Boutique


About Bob and Paula:

Bob Zablok first moved to the UK from Iraq in his early 20s, while his partner Paula Marshall, is originally from Liverpool.  Together they created The Chocolate Boutique at St George's Cross on Great Western Road.  

What makes Glasgow unique?

It’s definitely the gorgeous people that make the city unique. We have all kinds of folk coming into the store and in fact our Glaswegian customers are really the most adventurous. They will always try something new rather than the more conservative options. 

What are the must do’s for a new visitor to the city?

We would recommend walking around the city to appreciate its beauty and its well-kept parks. An evening walk along the Clyde is something we love to do. Seeing a band at The Hydro with it's a capacity audience of twelve thousand is quite the experience.

What is the city’s best-kept secret?

There is such a varied nightlife on offer in Glasgow. From what our customers tell us, there seem to be a few burlesque dance shows and themed ‘Gatsby’ nights out on offer … its good to try out something a little different now and again!

If Glasgow was a song what would it be?

Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars. We associate this song with the music, the festivals and the vibrancy of the city.