My Glasgow

As Glasgow gets ready to look back on an amazing year, here's a flavour of the city's vibrancy, energy, creativity and humour from some of the talented individuals who call Glasgow home.



18 Nov 2014
3 minute read

Take a look below to see what they think makes Glasgow unique, Glasgow's best kept secret, and their must-do recommendations for first-time visitors to the city!


Guy Cowan 

Owner of Guy's Restaurant



What makes Glasgow unique?

Glaswegians. Our humour, our ability to laugh at ourselves and our ‘never say die’ attitude - even in the darkest of hours.

What are the must do’s for a new visitor to the city?

There are so many ‘must do’s’ including a visit to the many world-class galleries and the city’s parks, a concert at the new entertainment venue The Hydro or The Old Fruitmarket. I recommend heading over to Òran Mór for their lunchtime event A Play a Pie and a Pint. It’s exactly what it says on the tin; a short play by a talented director or writer, a drink and a pie.

What is the city’s best kept secret?

All the small theatres like The Tron with the wealth of talent behind them.

If Glasgow was a song what would it be?

‘Lean On Me’ by Bill Withers or Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust For Life’



Sarah Raffel

Founder of Brazen Studios, Merchant City



What makes Glasgow unique?

There is a distinct humour and resolve that exists in Glasgow. I am always excited getting back to the city after being away and miss the conversation and friendliness that Glasgow is known for. We have such an interesting mix of culture and architecture and this resonates through the streets, the pubs and the attractions.

What are the must do’s for a new visitor to the city?

Glasgow boasts some fantastic sites like Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, and the Riverside Museum. For a lazier day, I would recommend a visit to one of Glasgow’s beautiful parks like Queens Park in the South Side.

You can take a walk up to the elevated site of the University of Glasgow on Gilmorehill to survey the city before wandering through some lovely independent shops and boutiques on Byres Road in the West End of the city.

In the Merchant City area, where Brazen Studios are located, there are some of the city’s best restaurants. En route I would recommend a cocktail in the original Art Deco interiors of Rogano restaurant.

What is the city’s best kept secret?

Glasgow Museums Resource Centre (GMRC) at Nitshill is the store for the museums' collections when they're not on display at our venues. It's a vast building with rooms full of fantastic objects, from animals to armour, fine art to fossils, and much, much more.

If Glasgow was a song what would it be?

Gun’s ‘Taking on the world’.



Dr Fernando Leon-Solis

Lecturer in Spanish at the University of the West of Scotland



What makes Glasgow unique?

What makes Glasgow unique is its people. ‘People make Glasgow’ is the best slogan that could have been thought up because it encapsulates the essence of the city – a friendly and unassuming place that welcomes you with open arms.

What are the must do’s for a new visitor to the city?

There are so many things I love about Glasgow!  Every time family and friends come to visit I take them sightseeing. This includes the city centre, the Cathedral, the Necropolis, a walk along the Clyde to see the statue of La Pasionaria, the new bridges and the SSE Hydro; the Botanic Gardens; the Subway (an absolute must!); the Glasgow School of Art, Kelvingrove Park and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

This Museum is another absolute must for because it includes St John of the Cross by Salvador Dalí, but also because it encapsulates again the essence of the city: you make it yours the minute you step in; there is something for everyone; it is grand and friendly at the same time.  It is free.

What is the city’s best kept secret?

Its bars. I know they’re not a secret to Glaswegians but it is for tourists. Particularly, those pubs which rank high in the UK-wide music scene such as King Tut’s or Nice’N’Sleazy. Apart from those, I love the Wee Pub at the back of the Ubiquitous Chip – particularly the frescoes on the staircase.