My 3 Days in Glasgow: Exploring a City, Reinvented

As a freelance video editor specialising in travel and tourism I get to visit a lot of cities, and every once in a while, one stands out among the rest.  There are few cities in the world like Glasgow: an eclectic cultural mash-up built upon a centuries-old city, with a resourcefulness and eclecticism that seems to be ingrained in the city’s psyche. 



23 Apr 2015
3 minute read

I’d been to Scotland before, but for some reason or another, hadn’t spent more than a day in Glasgow. When an opportunity arose recently to spend three days exploring the city, I jumped on it, and am glad I did.

My first impression of Glasgow was an overwhelming sense of community and support among Glaswegians for creative and new ideas. I arrived on a Tuesday evening, and experienced this creativity firsthand sitting down at Mister Singh’s India Restaurant for a taste of Scottish/Indian fusion food . Operated by three generations of the Singh family, Mister Singh’s combines old Singh family recipes with traditional Scottish dishes. Their haggis pakora is a favourite, and aside from tasting great, it’s a natural conversation starter! 


The next day, I joined one of the Glasgow School of Art’s student guided walking tours, getting a local’s perspective of the city, and a few tidbits that aren’t found in guidebooks. Glasgow has so many unique buildings, and definitely gives off a cool ‘old-meets-new’ vibe that honours both its history and progressive present. I loved hearing the stories behind the modern architecture and historical landmarks from the city’s glory days. For me, the most interesting part of the tour was learning about Glasgow’s more recent history, and gaining some insight into how Glasgow’s modern creative movement was born.


Glasgow’s creative spirit was alive and on show when I visited the city’s first new distillery in over 100 years: The Glasgow Distillery Co., and makers of the craft, small batch gin brand, Makar Glasgow Gin. Producing their first batch of gin in 2014, I got an experiential education about the juniper and botanicals that go into the spirit, as well as seeing the passion and enthusiasm of the team, which does everything by hand! I don’t typically drink spirits straight up, but was surprised by how crisp and fresh Makar tasted. I brought a small bottle home with me!


I also happened to visit during the Glasgow Film Festival , and capped my trip with a few Film Fest events.  One of the things that really impressed me was how much the community seems to support the festival, and how the festival honours that support by creating both traditional and untraditional events for everyone to enjoy. If you’re lucky enough to be in Glasgow during GFF, be sure to check out a few of the their regular screenings before exploring the more unusual offerings, like a screening of Jaws in the Tall Ship at the Riverside Museum, or Strictly Ballroom at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

I loved my time in Glasgow, and can’t say enough about the energy and creativity of Scotland’s largest city. It’s true what they say: People Make Glasgow! 

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