The Best Vegan Restaurants & Cafes in Glasgow

Since the day that PeTA picked Glasgow as it's Most Vegan-Friendly City in the UK, people from UK and around the world have been making the journey to the most populated city in Scotland to explore the growing vegan scene for themselves, myself included.



20 May 2015
5 minute read

As a nomadic vegan I've had several occasions to explore some of the best vegan restaurants and vegan-friendly cafes around the world, but rarely do I find myself leaving a location behind where there are so many fantastic and so-often recommended vegan eateries that I've yet to visit.

With just three days in Glasgow there were only so many restaurants I could try for myself and if I had a week to visit three restaurants a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; it still wouldn't have been enough to explore the more than 30 vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes that feature in Glasgow's food and drink scene.

Prior to travelling to Glasgow I made a shortlist of the recommendations I'd been given by a combination of personal suggestions by friends, plus the inclusion of several hot tips by members of the The Vegan Society of the University of Glasgow.


The 78

My favourite vegan restaurant and the eatery in which I can easily imagine spending all of my time on future visits is The 78, a classic pub-style eatery in which families and studying students can easily feel at home. In fact, during the three hours in which I accidentally found myself clearly enjoying my meal, there was a mixture of both.

Whilst I devoured a bowl of Coconut Chili Nachos, two students pressed each other with questions on what I guess must have been an upcoming test. With a vegan beer in one hand and a Classic 78 Burger in the other, I watched as a family of eight laughed and joked with each other over a family meal.

With so much more left to see and do in Glasgow I had to prise myself away from the sounds of The Clash playing over the stereo whilst reading the posters for upcoming gigs on the wall, but not without a vegan brownie with ice cream for dessert.

The 78 10-14 Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow, G3 8NU

78 burger 500x500



Taco Mazama



Many of the restaurants in Glasgow are great for a quick sit down lunch or a three course meal, but when time is short and you've many of the sights left to photograph and see, something hot, delicious, and vegan is a welcome treat.

There are four Taco Mazama locations from which you can pick up a Shredded Spicy Tofu Burrito to go, with the takeaway in Glasgow Central Railway Station amongst the most conveniently placed within the city to pass by - especially if you're about to board the train.

If tofu isn't quite to your taste and you'd prefer something slightly more Mexican, be sure to try a wrap filled with a vegan-friendly Vegetable Chilli.




Another favourite from my visit which I could easily see myself spending all of my time is the 100% vegan restaurant of Mono - and it's not just great vegan food that you'll find within this particular establishment, in fact there's much more to it than vegan fast food and delicious homemade desserts.

Along one entire side of Mono are six steel tanks in which a number of in-house drinks are regularly brewed, and at the end of the row is a stage upon which several of the best bands from Glasgow's highly active music community frequently perform in front of sold out crowds.

The final, and potentially coolest aspect of Mono is located in one corner and through a connecting door.

Monorail Music is an independent music shop located within the restaurant-cum-venue itself and appears to be a great hang out for the music elite judging from the number of people sifting through the great collection of vinyl during my visit.

Mono 12 Kings Court, Glasgow, G1 5RB

Mono Cheesecake 500x500



More Great Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow

Unfortunately my time in Glasgow was cut shorter than I required to explore all of the recommendations made to me to try, but there were several more that I briefly dropped by during my long weekend that I'd happily include amongst my list of best vegan restaurants in Glasgow, including:


  • The 13th Note - 50-60 King Street, Glasgow, G1 5QT
  • Stereo - 22-28 Renfield Lane, Glasgow G2 6PH
  • Squid & The Whale - Great Western Rd, Glasgow, G4 9HT
  • Saramango Cafe - 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD

There are so many more great vegan restaurants in Glasgow to visit and start recommending to your friends. Which do you like best?  

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